The news we’ve all been dreading. Fireworks Displays cancelled across greater manchester for a 3rd year running. Only this time, Covid-19 pandemic is not to blame. Bonfire Night is cancelled, say Manchester City council bosses who have this time blamed “escalating costs”. The council has confirmed that none of its popular bonfire night displays will go ahead in 2022. Including the huge bonfire celebration at Heaton Park.

Apparently the council have based their decision on a number of factors, including the escalating costs of putting on large bonfire night displays. That, on top of increased safety measures, concerns and also “increased pressure on council budgets.” The announcement comes just 3 weeks before the hugely popular bonfire night celebrations, which is an annual event which happens on the 5th November each year.

The council say they are looking at “reprioritising budgets” to look at more community events to be held throughout winter. Focusing on “fun free activities for families and young people.” This unfortunately means that NO council run bonfire night displays will be going ahead this year. This doesn’t however, stop you from enjoying your own displays at home this year. Enjoy fireworks at home and browse our comprehensive collection of high quality display & garden fireworks.

Council-run events have previously been held in eight parks including Heaton Park, Platt Fields Park, Cringle Park, Debdale Park and Wythenshawe Park. The last time they were held was pre-Covid in 2019 but will NOT return for 2022 as many of us have been so eagerly anticipating.

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Fireworks displays cancelled you say??? 😂🎇 WE’LL SEE….

They can take our public displays. But they’ll never take our bonfire night!!

The full statement from the council released today said: “Manchester City Council has announced that council-organised bonfire events will not be reintroduced in Manchester Parks this year, following a two-year lay-off during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“A combination of factors including the escalating costs of delivering large bonfire events, increasing safety and organisational measures needed and increased pressure on Council budgets have ultimately led to the decision.

“The Council will assess the impact of this year’s events not going ahead as part of a review into the approach to future bonfire events.

“The Council is reprioritising its neighbourhoods funding to focus on a program of community events and activities throughout the winter focussing on fun, free activities for families and young people.

“Such events include October’s half-term school holiday activity programme, a fun packed week of sports activities, family events, outdoor adventures and cultural activity to keep youngsters and their families entertained and fulfilled during school holidays. “

Councillor Lee Ann Igbon, Executive Member for Vibrant Neighbourhoods, said: “It is with great reluctance that we’re announcing that council-organised bonfire events will not be taking place this year. Manchester is one of the only major cities that continues to host council-organised firework and bonfire events.

“Bonfire events haven’t taken place in the city since 2019 and we have decided to hold that position this year. This is not a decision we have taken lightly and I know that many people will be disappointed.

“Nevertheless, due to a combination of factors such as rising costs, pressure on our budgets and, our ambition to be a net zero carbon city by 2038 we will not have Council-organised bonfire events this year.

“The cost of delivering the event has escalated every year and to host large bonfire events we would have to plug the shortfall by diverting parks funding away from essential park services.

“Our Neighbourhood teams have been working tirelessly to re-prioritise the budget on community events and supporting our residents through the cost-of-living crisis.

“As usual, we will be working with partner agencies to help promote safety messages and prevent anti-social behaviour.”

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